Female[2] All of that will soon be revealed, hopefully. An intimidating brawler and crack shot, tough, confident, no-nonsense Cara Dune has put her days of military discipline behind her, and now has reinvented herself as a mercenary. If it is it’s weird because the rest of his front should be muddy, too.

A veteran of the Galactic Civil War who fought for the Rebellion, Cara Dune is a seasonal warrior who has put her days of military discipline behind her, and now has reinvented herself as a mercenary. Star Wars is going to be getting a little extra love here on Needless Things. Scale: 6" And I think we all know that I’m not about to stop collecting. Index | Popular | Top rated | Random | Quick Search, Name: Cara Dune $27 for 12 months.

Dune accompanied the bounty hunter to the village. Gina is a muscular person and so is this figure. Information Before he left, Dune advised Djarin to take care of the infant, though Karga then speculated that the Child would end up taking care of the Mandalorian. Brand New. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Quite frankly we’re almost past the point where I need to say, “They’re applied precisely” because I can’t remember the last time I bought a figure that had a noticeable flaw in the deco. It has a metallic finish and the stock, grip, and barrels have paint on them. This site is intended for informational purposes only, and is not in anyway associated with LFL. habiteerworkshop has no other items for sale. Unknown to her or her allies, however, Gideon had survived the crash. Lastly, Cara Dune comes with a strapped heavy blaster rifle where the strap is completely removable from the gun. Every inch of the figure is interesting to examine. And if you don’t pay attention to any of the spoilers, you may not be sure of her loyalties. Number: 101 Cara Dune's heavy blasterAmban sniper rifle The belt is a separate, non-removable piece that slides around on the hips so as not to interfere with posing. And my guess is that like the heavy blaster that the Heavy Armor Mandalorian weilds in ep.3, Cara's blaster rifle was made from a …

David Benioff and D.B.

Djarin tries to get into contact with Kuiil, who was carrying the Child back to the ship, only for scout troopers to overhear and head toward Kuiil. It makes IG-11 distinct from his cousin and gives the figure a lot of depth and personality. ... IG-11 comes with an E-11 blaster and a DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle. View cart for details.

The red sensors on his head, as well as other small applications, are precisely painted and stand out against the overall dull metallic colors of the body. There’s a bit of dry-brushing around the bottom that looks nice, but a wash to bring that nice sculpted texture pout would have been cool. Cara Dune is a new character in The Mandalorian television show. The figure comes with a knife, a blaster pistol and a heavy blaster rifle. It fits in either hand, but that’s it. She’s not “heavy” in any way, but it’s quite incredible that we have a female character that doesn’t have the frame of a young schoolboy, like Rey, for example.

Buy It Now +$23.85 shipping. IG-11 uses the same too-short body as the Black Series and Archives IG-88. I love this figure like I love Gina Carano. The village's defense was successful, forcing the remaining raiders to flee.[3]. It has a small peg on it that is meant to fit into corresponding holes on the figure’s back and bandolier, but it doesn’t really. $245.00. View all posts by Dave West. She also comes with a blaster pistol.

But we’ve been looking at this particular design for six years.

The blaster kind of looks like Megatron in gun mode.

Wacky fact – some of the Mando’s armor came from a Shoretrooper. The combination of sculpt and digital printing has resulted in a portrait that is almost Hot Toys-esque. Well done Hasbro! More specifically, Cara Dune is a beautiful female, and Hasbro made sure they produced a beautiful action figure. Brand New. We hope that her onscreen character interactions reinforce what we’re feeling here. Their scuffle came to a draw after the two both pulled their blasters on each other and noticed "the Child" watching them, after which the Mandalorian invited her for soup. They eventually caught up to Kuiil, killing him, and taking the Child back to Gideon.[5]. They need to keep coming.

It lacks the added viewfinder that Boba’s helmet has, but from watching the show it looks like those optical enhancements might be internal on this one. Please see the project page to participate in the project or to check its progress.

Dune accompanied the bounty hunter to the village. Please click the dropdown menu to see the issues that need addressing. $40.00.

Then, at the beginning of episode three he gets a full suit of beskar that looks completely different from this. But I’m not grading the figure on being up-to-date; I’m judging its value as an action figure that depicts the look its meant to capture. We don’t feel there are enough characters produced to support this show. Human[2] (Alderaanian)[1] The smaller blaster is also pretty cool and does everything you want it to, but that rifle is an A++ accessory.

[2] Highly skilled in hand-to-hand combatant, she was able to fight Din Djarin, an accomplished fighter in his own right, to a standstill during their first encounter. The Mandalorian, however, is a Mandalorian. Weiss's first film, David Benioff and D.B. Please do not direct link to any of the content on this web site. They’re very flexible and don’t interfere with posing much. Alderaan[1] So knowing all of this Hasbro nailed the sculpt and the paint and the figure can look cool holding it several different ways. We also hope that Hasbro continues to make wonderful action figures of the characters from the show. No matter how briefly that look was relevant. The Mandalorian Cara Dune Heavy Blaster Rifle Cosplay. It might fit the smaller one, too, but I completely forgot it was even there while I was taking pictures because I was so into posing the figure like IG-11 was moving in the show.

An intimidating brawler and crack shot, tough, confident, no-nonsense Cara Dune has put her days of military discipline behind her, and now has reinvented herself as a mercenary.

This is fantastic!

He gave them till sundown to surrender to him. This helmet appears to be the only beskar that our protagonist has initially and it is colored as such. The sculpt is full of textures and the open neck allows it to be moved around to accommodate action, but it really could’ve used some paint. The likeness is phenomenal. Minimum purchase required. I haven't seen the Mandalorian yet but I've seen clips & the details seem quite accurate.

Finally, there’s Cara Dune, my favorite figure of the lot. Dune informs the villagers that their home is unsafe. She’s outfitted in protective armor. The mesh armor on her trousers and chest plate has a tough but fine look, while the heavy plating on her shoulders and wrists has some nice painted wear. The Black series line is full of humans. Between the temptation of releases like the Fetts, Thrawn, and Jaina Solo and the spectacular new face printing technology, I haven’t been able to resist diving in.

Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab, Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab, Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab. This figure has 18 points of articulation, it’s great for action poses!

Considering the amount of paint on the rest of the figure the cape looks especially naked. The seller has specified an extended handling time for this item. The knife can be secured on her boot and the blaster pistol fits in the holster. The figure comes with one and unless I’m mistaken in the show she has a sheath for it on her left boot. So they come up with a new plan, tricking the remnant into believing that Cara caught Djarin and the Child, only for them to kill "the Client" and get rid of the remnant. Light[2] I’ve got the Offworld Jawa now and the Heavy Infantry Mandalorian – Paz Viszla, who is voiced by Jon Favreau and portrayed by MMA dude Tait Fletcher – is at home as I type. Cara Dune Blaster Pistol - Finish or KIT or 3d files - Hight details - Cosplay, Prop, Replica - inspired by Star Wars $ 15.00 KURUK Blaster Rifle - Knight of Ren - 3D KIT - Hight details - Cosplay, Prop, Replica - … Cara Dune possesses a spirit of Ellen Louise Ripley.

This figure follows the basic design of a Mandalorian – a flight suit base layer with a vest, armored plating, weaponized gauntlets, and weird doo-dads here and there. If Disney Star Wars can keep out the politics, tie the Original Trilogy as much as they can to the stories in the show, and keep developing believable characters like Cara Dune, we think that all expectations will be met. Cara Dune's heavy blaster Amban sniper rifle Carasynthia "Cara" Dune was a human female and a shock trooper in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and now has reinvented herself as a mercenary . This Cara Dune figure is great.

The red and black contrast nicely and are probably one of the most recognizable Star Wars-related color schemes. After the incidents, Karga offered for Dune to join the Bounty Hunters' Guild and become his personal enforcer. I couldn’t find technical names for the first two anywhere, but I’m sure they’ll be uploaded to Wookiepedia at some point. The thigh and shoulder plates do not match up. The holster is part of this piece and features the same kind of peg closure as the Mando’s. Affilliation Black[2] After spending time on the planet Sorgan, she met the bounty hunter Din Djarin and his companion and worked with him for a short time before Djarin departed Sorgan. There’s plating and pistons and wiring all over the place. Does she battle alongside the Mandalorian?

They even got her haircut right. It snaps closed by inserting a peg on the flap into a hole on the main part.

Homeworld She comes with a boot knife, a small blaster similar to Han Solo's, & a large double mag laser rifle.

Get the item you ordered or get your money back. I don’t always love this system because sometimes it’s hard to get the peg in when the weapon is inside, but this one seems to work nicely.

As they got closer to the exit, Djarin saw a group of stormtroopers waiting for them.

Our favorite accessory is the dagger. Alliance to Restore the Republic[2]Alliance Military[3]New Republic[1]New Republic Defense Force[1]Bounty Hunters' Guild[1] An amazing figure! [1], A seasoned warrior[2] who had served as a rebel shock trooper,[3] Dune was a crack shot with a blaster and an intimidating brawler.