The initial roll out included 59 locations in and around St. Louis, Missouri in late 2019. My “Discussion above…” statement was in reference to a comment that is below. Cross-contamination of potential food allergens should always be considered a possibility in a fast food restaurant. The company was founded back in 1953 in the town of Jacksonville, Florida. Here is the allergen listing from Burger King’s website dated April 2013: It states that, while some of their breaded chicken products contain dairy, the ones listed above do not. Discover our menu and order delivery or pick up from a Burger King near you. At those times, it is possible that small amounts of milk protein (or other allergens) may be present on beef and chicken patties. Products fried in a shared fryer include but may not be limited to: Fish Filet, Pork Sausage, Crispy Chicken Patty, Chicken Nuggets, Original Chicken Patty, Spicy Original Chicken Patty, Hash Browns, French Fries, French Toast Sticks and Onion Rings. Yes! So, Burger King appears to be a global chain of fast-food restaurants that focus on serving burgers. There is! We also offer ample resources for gluten-free, soy-free, food allergy, vegan and paleo diets. Allergen Information. If severe allergies or intolerances are a concern, contact the restaurant directly before purchasing or consuming one of their products.

"We would firstly like to apologize to Medina, her experience this week is not reflective of the high standards we would expect within any of our restaurants," a spokesperson for Burger King told BBC. Get access to exclusive coupons. Hi Ann, please read the full post above, including the disclaimer.

Meal, Chicken Nuggets King Jr. "Hope Burger King [can] offer more than an apology.". Burger King has since said there was no such policy and the company is "looking into this matter further," as reported by BBC. Accordingly, we are informing the food allergen community about the addition of Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup Pie to our … But feel free to kindly let us know if you see a specific discrepancy. I ate at Burger King yesterday and assumed that the French fries did not contain dairy. Cross-contamination of potential food allergens should always be considered a possibility in a fast food restaurant. I could’ve gotten very sick from dairy too! Other Allergen Notes.

Medina Hall visited the fast food restaurant last Thursday and wanted to order a brownie, but needed to know the ingredient list due to her severe nut allergy. To clarify… If you did have an serious allergy and were choosing to eat somewhere and had read a printed listing online or in the store (where available, only found one place I eat at that has a binder of ingredients) you would obviously want to check if these are accurate as of the current date and whether they are abiding by them; but ignoring something more concrete to solely rely on humans who may have no idea or special knowledge, but leave you thinking they are some kind of specialized internal dietary and allergen specialist wouldn’t be a great idea. In 1967, Burger king was bought by Pillsbury Company for $18,000,000 and by 1970, it had grown to become the second largest burger chain after McDonald’s. The ingredients of the Dutch Apple Pie includes “margarine.” Wouldn’t that mean it’s not dairy-free? <> Is dairy on the list of ingredients? Please note that ingredients, processes and products are subject to change by a manufacturer at any time. After Hall told staff about her nut allergy, she said, they claimed "company policy" meant she had to read the menu herself. It’s no fun being allergic to dairy and you’ve made it easy for me and my family to choose dairy free options. Thanks so much for the update on this Tracie! I got no indication that anyone else had read product labels backward and forward or had printed listings to reference if asked. Published October 12, 2019 at 12:38am. I am sorry you got sick. JUNE 2017.

Thank you. Does the breading contain dairy or do the stores receive the fritters boxed?