Sometimes salads can be a complete disaster especially when most kitchens use the pre-washed greens option which can hide little piece of rotten leave. Dear Bruno, I was wondering if you could please help me to make my son’s 20th birthday to become truly special for him?. The food is good. I want to send you my best wishes and keep up the good work…, Je suis installé au Japon depuis 30 ans en boulangerie- pâtisserie restaurant.

When you call your business ‘Bistro’ you better have some knowledge in classic French dishes. Vos videos sont des rayons de lumière et d’une qualité incroyable tant gustativement que visuellement. WOW! I thought you will be the best person to seek advice. I think you are THE best in the entire YouTube world. Permettez-moi de vous remercier encore pour ces recettes en lignes et sur YouTube qui contribuent à améliorer notre quotidien par ces temps un peu difficiles. Youtube. Je m’appelle Sandy et je te suis depuis maintenant 2ans à Madagascar. Here is San Diego small farms and entrepreneurs specializing in quality food are severely challenged; my heartfelt concern to all.

I love your channel! Thank you. He started a commis chef apprenticeship and he actually is the happiest when he is talking about you or when he is showing me your U-Tube tutorials – and in fact we followed your recipe of Crepes Suzette yesterday, impressing everyone in the family!

God bless you Bruno, keep on smiling! Facebook. Here are some notes on restaurants  in the San Diego area you may want to try that have recently been visited. Un abrazo. I am from South Africa!.. Escargot à l’ail et Pastis appetizers was nice. I’m learning so much!. I came across your YouTube channel a while back and have been hooked ever since. Ah, me muero de risa con tus chistes. Thanks for giving me confidence to make these extraordinary food. Hi chef, Just want to say love your videos and thank you very much..It would been an honor to work under you, given the chance as a chef I love to learn from the best, never the less I am learning from your videos. My friend and I weren’t disappointed. Back in India, my sister asked me if I could make a jam with red dragon fruit. In contract, the Salad du Jardin was Ok but lack of presentation and personality compare to the main dish. Your passion have inspired me.

J’ai lancé une boutique en ligne sur Ebay et je vends de la vanille de Madagascar de très bonne qualité. You have given me such entertainment and excitement ever since I saw your first video ( ratatouille). Check out all the latest News & Events at Bruno Albouze’s Real Deal Cooking Channel. Cordes-sur-Ciel and Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val …. …, Due to the latest restrictions, it is with deep regret that Acreations …, An epic journey among the most charming farmers markets. Instagram. I have subscribed to your channel now and am looking forward to exploring into your culinary world of expertise! Un grand grand bravo à vous! Connect with Chef Bruno Albouze on Social Media. Quiero expresarte mi admiración por lo que muestras en los videos: todo es elegante, delicioso, fino y seductor. Since business is currently grinding to a halt i think that this is the perfect time for experimentation. Since I first watched your videos two weeks ago, I have already made Croissants, Pain aux Raisins, the Cauliflower & Potato Gratin…I have surprised myself that they all turned out very well. But when I discovered Bruno Albouze channel then I realized there was so much more to learn. I wonder if you’d know what the name of a childhood treat of mine would be? Cheers, Spencer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I’m a South African chef who lives and works in England. Te escribo desde Uruguay. Solid bar and wine list. Very beautiful little animal shaped on a crisp sweet cookie… Kind Regards, When will we ever have the honor to buy your book(s)?. The filet de lotte beurre blanc (Roasted monk fish, fregula pasta, sautéed peas, white corn…) was excellent and well plated. Escargot à l’ail et Pastis appetizers was nice. I would have never guessed how much you would end up helping us. You are truly exceptional, and totally gifted! Have you thought about publishing your beautiful work?. Twitter. J’ai beaucoup appris grâce à tes videos. Merci pour tous ce que tu fais. which means ‘And there you go’ is a lively neighborhood bistro, located along the North Park corridor. A delectable green forest cake version ☘️, Check out all the latest News & Events at Bruno Albouze’s Real Deal Cooking Channel, I have a new donation page to help you support my channel. Bravo et continuez, peut-être qu’un jour on pourra se rencontrer très cordialement…. I’d love to have your master pieces be held in hands. You have put in so much work into this website and your youtube channels…, I caught on to your channel about a month ago and it has basically replaced my Netflix consumption – amazing!. Merci de nous stimuler à la fine cuisine et aux desserts. Brenda, Be first to know about new recipes and special offers from Bruno Albouze’s Real Deal Cooking Channel. My friend and I weren’t disappointed. Hola Bruno. It has been an absolute pleasure watching you.

I started cooking dinner for the family when i was 11 years old but my I didn’t want to do it for a living until i start watching your videos. Je suis un super fan de ton travaille!

Bruno provided exactly the foundation I was looking for.

Vos desserts sont tellement bon!. J’ai découvert votre site il y a deux semaines.Vos desserts sont extraordinaires , d’un gout tres raffiné…Tout simplement bon à s’en rouler par terre. Growing up my mother and I had a lot of issues…Now that we are both a bit older and a bit calmer there seems to be only one thing that has given us a chance to make some positive memories together, and that is watching your videos and following your recipes. Much love chef and keep the videos and recipes coming! I have tried your Kumquat marmalade with vanilla bean and its a big hit among my friends. I’m relatively new to this you tube phenomenon, unlike an addict who needs to up the dose in order to attain a delusional euphoria. I have never spent this much time in the kitchen before Covid!. I want to let you know that I’m so glad to find your You Tube channel and your Facebook page and you are an amazing and fantastic Chef. I have searched for it with no success. Please let me know.. Lemme just say first of all that your videos have really inspired me to pursue pastry baking as a career and passion. We had a kale salad which was very fresh and well seasoned. Love watching all your YouTube videos.

I had been learning and studying cooking and baking for many years. Now comes the bread, basic rolls were served. Just turned 19 by the way. Il est agréable et très intéressant de regarder vos émissions. Over the years we have made too many to mention, but today we just finished your brioche cinnamon rolls and they were just as good as the reaction you made in your video. You amaze me so much. My family and friends loved them! Be first to know about new recipes and special offers from Bruno Albouze’s Real Deal Cooking Channel. I don’t know if you have a support network. SALE $39.99 Order Now!

The pandemic has forced the closing of many businesses and food-related platforms all over the globe. I wish I could cook like you. J’aimerais t’envoyer comme cadeau un petit colis de vanille de 250g si cela t’intéresse.

Meaning, it doesn’t take 30 minutes for a 5 minute presentation. J’ai rarement vu quelqu’un d’aussi complet que vous. Et Voila!

Je suis un pâtissier Belge en Nouvelle Zelande, je done des cours en boulangerie et pâtisserie. I’ve seen so many of you videos and can’t get enough. In a real bistro, you could expect better choice.

Keep well and keep doing what you are doing. Bruno, I have been watching your channel for several months now and very much enjoy your recipes and the no nonsense way you present your recipes. Food Reviews Archive - Bruno Albouze. The pandemic has forced the closing of many businesses and food-related platforms all over the globe.

I am, categorically hooked on these cooking channels like a gargantuan sea sponge unable to soak up enough seawater. Nothing beats the texture and smell of a good baguette and campagne especially when most entrees are paired with sauce. Thank you so much for your videos and recipes. The current rules foe dining may be in flux but everyone has the responsibility to honor standards. Which fruit do you think pairs well with red dragon fruit?. You are absolutely amazing and I’d love to meet you one day. I am a big fan of your channel. My son, Robbie, went through a very difficult period of his young life. We bought “petit fours” at a bakery called Anglo Swiss. When you call your business ‘Bistro’ you better have some knowledge in classic French dishes.