He painted abstracted images of bush scenes such as The bush (1966)[12] and also images which resulted from experimentation with various drugs, such as alcohol in the humorous Self portrait after three bottles of wine (1971).[13]. It was these abstract works which led to him being recognised as an artist, at a time when many other Australian artists were exhibiting in London, but from 1963 he moved away from abstraction towards figuration. He sometimes took more than his body could handle, and had to be admitted to hospital for alcohol poisoning twice. [4] He also spent time with friends including Mark Knopfler and John Illsley from the band Dire Straits. [16], On 15 June 1992, aged 53, he was found dead from opiate overdose in a motel room in Thirroul, north of Wollongong. According to art writer Bruce James, the self-conscious inclusion of the austere pronoun 'IT' that also makes up part of the work compacts life, passion, death and faith in a single empowering word and unites the notional wings of an altarpiece to nascent addiction. [17], In 1999, Whiteley's painting The Jacaranda tree (1977), which had won the Wynne Prize, sold for A$1,982,000,[18] a record for a modern Australian painter at that time. He was married to Wendy Whiteley.He died on June 15, 1992 in Thirroul, New South Wales, Australia. [6] His first impression of New York was shown in the painting First sensation of New York City, which showed streets with fast moving vehicles, street signs, hot dog vendors, and tall buildings. The author, Ashleigh Wilson, was the arts editor of The Australian newspaper. Typically, the viewer is led deeper into the picture by means of minute detail. While he was a teenager, he painted on weekends in the Central West of New South Wales and Canberra with such works as The soup kitchen (1958). Brett was 53 years old at the time of death. He is represented in the collections of all the large Australian galleries, and was twice winner of the Archibald, Wynne and Sulman prizes. Brett Whiteley was an Australian painter, deeply influenced by Vincent van Gogh and post-war British painters such as Francis Bacon. He was an actor, known for Fanta (1972), Sunshine City (1973) and Release (1967).

View Brett Whiteley’s artworks on artnet. Whiteley became active in the great peace movements of the 1960s, with the protests against America's involvement in the war in Vietnam. In the latter painting, the table in the front of the room close to the viewer has minutely decorated vases and small objects, while a drawing on the left and a sculpture to the extreme right show how Whiteley often used erotic images in his works. He began a relationship with Janice Spencer, with whom he travelled to Japan, among other countries. It is also known as Brett Whiteley House and Visual Curtilage and Lochgyle. Brett Whiteley Birthday and Date of Death. Around him at the Hotel Chelsea, other artists and musicians took heroin, which Whiteley did not take at that time. It has primarily black on one side and has an image of his wife Wendy in a bathtub, seen from behind.