However, Wolfie tells Daniel that he and Rain broke up weeks ago as she cheated on him. He reduces Terese's responsibilities at the hotel and demotes her to receptionist. Who knew a little can and string could connect you to everyone from bestselling authors to incredible teachers to world renowned actors and actresses to awesome kids or even to the President of the United States? [29] Valance described her character as being "cool and sexy and a bit edgy". [1] The 30th season of Neighbours began airing from 6 January 2014. [14] Sienna arrived in town to win Mark back and she immediately confronted his former girlfriend Kate Ramsay (Ashleigh Brewer). Kathy's youngest grandson, Bailey (Calen Mackenzie), tries to get to the bottom of his grandparents' issues and sits them both down to talk. This was just a continuation of that work. [25] Daniel has been referred to during several episodes, but had not been seen on-screen before. Erin admits to sending poison pen letter to Sonya's friends and neighbours, as she blames Sonya for her addiction to drugs and the subsequent loss of her daughter to social services. "[41] Murphy added that she liked playing someone different from herself. Erin borrows money from Sonya to buy a new dress. Will and Chris arrange to meet up for a drink, but Chris cancels at the last minute. Lisa later admits that she lied, because her father is in prison and her mother wants nothing to do with her. [47] The character has been previously mentioned on-screen, as Rain is Daniel Robinson's (Tim Phillipps) ex-girlfriend. Milligan said Kyle was unsure whether "to hit him or hug him" when they were reunited. [23] Heath did not need to perfect an Australian accent for the part and he explained, "When I initially read the sides, I could see this character as English and created a whole backstory that he was from England. I was so excited. We’re on a mission to create stories that cultivate empathy and imagination in kids and former kids. Rain tells Daniel that she is homeless due to the closure of the community where they lived. The police launch a sting operation and find the diamonds, while Dakota disappears. [10] Shortly before her arrival, it was confirmed that Naomi would test one of the show's established relationships, after she sets her sights on a married man.

[20] She filmed her first scenes the previous month. Sonya vows to help Erin get back on her feet and reconnect with her daughter. "[16] Another TV Week contributor branded Sienna "loopy", "unstable" and a "psycho".[17]. The idea for Kid President came a few years ago. [51] He returned again from 14 June 2016. [35], Dakota Davies, played by Sheree Murphy, made her first screen appearance on 19 September 2014. The actor relocated to Melbourne where Neighbours is filmed. Gary Canning, played by Damien Richardson,[49] made his first screen appearance on 7 November 2014. "[10] Bursill later said that Kathy would shock Lauren when she reveals her child is alive and added "Kathy had been trying to protect her daughter by concealing the truth.

Ezra is arrested when Chloe makes a formal complaint against him. Funny, sincere, and just plain good - Brad Montague is the kind of guy we all want on our team. Bevan is a letting agent, who shows a couple around Number 24. They decide not to get back together and Kathy leaves for Brisbane.

Learn more in our. After learning that her living conditions are making her health worse, he invites her to stay with him. It can also be found on newsstands in Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Journal. [4] Kathy is the only other person who knew Lauren had been pregnant with Brad Willis's (Kip Gamblin) child and she helped her daughter to hide the pregnancy. Kathy explains to Lauren that she and Lou had sex, but when she woke up, Lou had gone. [29] Series producer Jason Herbison thought Valance was "the perfect fit for Paige" and called the character "fiery". [47] Following her arrival in Erinsborough, Rain will cause trouble for Daniel and his fiancée Amber Turner (Jenna Rosenow). He realises that she has been manipulating him and Amber.

[28] Little commented "Dan was great and obviously knows the pace you work at on a weekly drama. Several months later, Lauren invites Kathy back to Erinsborough for Amber and Bailey. David invites Will out for a drink, and explains that he has only just come out and is nervous. [12] Roberts previously appeared in Neighbours as Clare Henderson (2010) and Jess Walker (2011),[13] while Sienna first appeared in Brennan on the Run, a series of webisodes that focused on Mark Brennan's (Scott McGregor) time in witness protection.