Book Club Discussion Questions for Fiction. The book was greatly enjoyed by all who attended, and one member said that the only reason she read the book was because the group had picked it. Later, I thanked her for this gift and she said that was great but all she really wanted to do was shut me the hell up. It was our first experience with this author, so we picked a book that was first in a series, as opposed to his first book. I had to get out of my comfort zone to write this. Thank you While we aren’t sure we like the notion that Amos may continue to work with Alex Jamison since she’s treated him so poorly in the past – but we’re willing to give her a second chance in future books! This is the first book of David Baldacci's new series. I may be biased, but Mom's Book Nook is the best online moms book club you'll find.

First and foremost is its exploration of what it might be like to have to live with hyperthymesia and synesthesia, as the hero, Amos Decker has done. Did they remind you of anyone? 777 Front Street Lisle, IL 60532 | Phone: 630-971-1675 | Fax: 630-971-1701 | Hours: M-F 11:00am-9:00pm, SAT 10:00am-5:00pm, SUN 1:00pm-5:00pm. We encourage the personal expression of opinions, but ask that anyone posting please be respectful of the opinions of the Lisle Library District. This November MAF met to discuss Memory Man by David Baldacci. 26. 25. New evidence links the murders to a recent case of a school shooting and Amos is forced to confront his memories to help solve the case. View cookies policy. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Want to see these questions in action, and join a fun monthly online book club (no awkward silences, promise!)? [I just finished reading this - it was just ok. Can someone tell me if I understand the motive correctly... she killed all those people just because Amos said he wanted to be a cop?? or ask your favorite author a question with (Lee Child series) Large men, personality quirks, Could it be Burlington, Iowa?

If that is correct I must have missed something. when we will be  Zooming with author Dianne Freeman to discuss her Agatha-winning novel, A Lady's Guide to Etiquette and Murder ! My question is for the author. Fortunately, I can now do it for a living. Did this book seem realistic? It takes 4 hours to get to Indiana, and 3 more to get to Chicago but according to Mapquest it is a 15 hour drive. We announce the book selection on the first Monday of the month and discuss on the last Monday of the month at 9:00pm … For Amos, the hyperthymesia has meant that he constantly relives the day he came home to find his brother-in-law, wife, and child murdered. Barbara. 22. Larger population than Burlington, Ohio. We have published a new cookies policy, which you should read to find out more about the cookies we use.

Was one of the reasons for this story to educate the readers? This meant that we could put on our critical reviewer hats more firmly as he was a very well-established writer when this book came out. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. But if a writer doesn’t stretch, he withers. It’s led to his deep depression and the loss of his job.

What do you think? We found his relationships with former colleges on the force to be realistic and touching, since both his ex-partner and his ex-boss are trying their best to keep him working and motivated. Large enough to actually have a "downtown" and "suburbs". You can pose questions to the Goodreads community with Amos Decker had a traumatic brain injury on a football field and came out of it with hyperthemesia meaning he can’t forget anything. He later becomes a police officer and then a detective in a small town in the midwest USA. or some made up Burlington? Decker spirals out of control, loses his job and becomes homeless. The most recent titles are first on the list. The WHSmith Blog Cookie Policy: To give you the best possible experience, this site uses cookies. The book was ok but not at all in the league of the Puller and Robie series, or the Camel Club for that matter. (For discussion questions for the Harry Potter books, click here.) What did you love best? My mother finally gave me a journal and told me to start writing some of it down. John Irving, John LeCarre, Agatha Christie, Walker Percy, William Styron, Patricia Highsmith, JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien, Eric Ambler, Harper Lee, Flannery O’Connor and Eudora Welty among others. Because the time lines for driving to Chicago seem different. In his latest book Memory Man, the first in the new Decker and Lancaster series, David introduces us to Amos Decker, a man who nearly lost everything when his wife and only daughter were murdered in their home. This meant that we could put on our critical reviewer hats more firmly as he was a very well-established writer when this book came out. Literacy/English Language Development (ELD). Plus the driving time lines make more sense for Iowa. Reader Q&A,

Using means you agree to our use of cookies. Anyone has book discussion questions about Memory Man? I wasn't sure if I was going to read the book at all, but now I'd like to read p. 86! Large enough to actually have a "downtown" and "suburbs". Trace Evidence: Casts of Characters & Other Fun Mystery Links! All postings are public, thus viewable by the entire Web community. After losing his job as a detective as his life spiralled out of control, he’s forced to pull himself together when his former partner Mary Lancaster tells him that someone has confessed to the murder of his family. So can you tell us a bit more about Memory Man? 14 questions answered. It was our first experience with this author, so we picked a book that was first in a series, as opposed to his first book. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. There was much discussion about this criminal’s partner in crime and whether there might have been a different way to deal with that character. I’ve been writing since I was a kid. Anyone else have a problem with this? It’s like picking a favorite child. All David's work is stunning, but the thing I love best about this new series is his complex hero. ONE OF DAVID BALDACCI'S BEST, THE MAN IS A GENIUS, ONLY A VERY FEW LIKE HIM STILL AROUND.

When is the next Puller book coming out? Could it be Burlington, Iowa? This November MAF met to discuss Memory Man by David Baldacci. If so thank you, I used more than the dictionary to learn more about brain injuries. One night he comes home to find his family has been murdered. David Baldacci: Q & A on Memory Man May 29, 2015 // Interviews // books / crime and thriller / David Baldacci / interviews Our Digital Author of the month for May, David Baldacci, has written an impressive 27 novels in his career, including mostly crime and thrillers and 4 children’s books. We meet in a private Facebook group and chat about a new book every month. Now he introduces a startling, original new character: a man with perfect memory who must solve his own family's murder. At the same time a mass shooting at the local high school devastates the town and Decker is call in to help with the investigation. Listed here are discussion questions for the books the Galesburg Public Library adult book clubs have read recently.

My husband is very upset with the comments on page 86 about the character who has perfect attendance and somehow missed a test. It was not her typical cup of mystery tea – and she ended up really liking it, and that having this happen was a major motivation for why she joined MAF! They essentially relive it in every way – good, or in many cases in this story, extremely bad. © 1999 - 2019 WHSmith and all its suppliers, Reproduction or transmission of all or part of the content of this site in any medium, by electronic means or otherwise, without the written permission of the owner, is prohibited. February 19, 2020June 4, 2020  /  Interviews, December 10, 2019January 22, 2020  /  Interviews, March 7, 2018March 6, 2018  /  Interviews, January 25, 2018January 25, 2018  /  Interviews, November 21, 2017November 20, 2017  /  Interviews. Known for their gripping pace and vivid characters, David’s international bestsellers are hugely popular and his first novel Absolute Power was even made into a successful motion picture directed by and starring Clint Eastwood.

Sign up for the monthly Discussion Groups eNewsletter. 0 members have read this book With over 110 million copies of his novels in print, David Baldacci is one of the most widely read storytellers in the world. Welcome back. Did it hook you immediately, or take some time to get … Readers’ questions about Memory Man (Amos Decker, #1). We found there was much to appreciate and to discuss with this novel. For a time he was homeless and aimless. We caught up with David to hear more about his new book and life before becoming a writer. Hi David. "What was your initial reaction to the book? Did the characters seem believable to you? Depending on the day, my answer could change. We thought this journey was suspenseful and well-constructed, although we had a couple of issues with how a fellow sufferer of hyperthymesia was handled. Which series do you most enjoy re-visiting? Plus the driving time. I did and when my pen hit the paper I was hooked for life. Can bring back Amos Decker again!? How did you first become interested in writing? Anyone has questions for the book discussion for the Memory Man? With these conditions, a person has highly detailed recall of everything that happened to them on any given day. 24. That can't be the motive can it????? 23. Decker has to find out if the man is telling the truth. His synesthesia means he sees colors when he’s looking at numbers. Sixteen months after his family’s murder a man walks into the police station and confesses to the crime. Our Digital Author of the month for May, David Baldacci, has written an impressive 27 novels in his career, including mostly crime and thrillers and 4 children’s books. We talked about how timely this aspect of the book was with today’s concerns about concussions, etc. Is the city this takes place in supposed to be Burlington, Vt? As a child I never shut up, always telling these outrageous tall tales. We were particularly pleased that the main killer was dealt with as we found this person to not only be repugnant, but evil. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Eventually, his state of being reaches a point that he feels ashamed of what his wife and child would think of him, and he sets up running a PI business out of his Residence Inn room. Ask the Author.

His motivation definitely increases when the case leads the FBI to his family’s killer and his determination to finally get justice for them. How well do you think the author built the world in the book? We enjoyed the puzzle aspects to the story which is not common in thriller/suspense stories – but worked very well here. He’s the most unique character I’ve ever written. The Dark & Stormy Book Club - Interesting Mystery podcasts! Click on the title of a book to see the discussion questions. I like the fact that Decker has similarities to Jack Reacher, my favorite literary character.

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