Besides taunting Nazi leadership, the speech-killing missions brought back valuable information, including flight times, defenses, and fuel consumption rates, which were used to create flight profiles for future attacks on the capital. Dodging in and out of slate gray clouds, Royal Air Force bombers from No. Sometimes you come across a dataset so interesting you just have to stop everything and visualize it.

105 Squadron howled across Berlin. PFORZHEIM (APRIL 1944-MARCH 1945) – 21,200 deaths.

Now, on January 30, 1943, a national day of celebration marking the 10th anniversary of Hitler’s rise to power, Göring was made to look like a buffoon. The British Royal Air Force fanned out a total of 569 bombers over the city’s center and the compact explosion that ensued from the 1,800-tons of bombs released – incendiaries among them – worked out a deadly firestorm resulting to the deaths of at least 10,000 people; the flames from the explosion even burned until seven days after the attack. As the mics went live and Göring began to speak, the roar of impending catastrophe became audible over the radio. Below are what we deemed as WWII’s top ten most destructive bombing campaigns. Here Are Some Prime Viewing Spots, The Russian Jet That Fights for Both Sides, The Real Aerial Battles That Inspired Star Wars. Their target was not the parade route or even the Reichsmarschall himself, but something bigger. It was dubbed Operation Meetinghouse. 7 in E major to a puzzled nation. No worries, I rather enjoyed looking at it. There appears to be a single bomb dropped on Australian soil, it claims to be a submarine wake but it’s about 200m inland(Bay St, Tathra), is this just a slight error in the coordinates or a bad miss? This story is a selection from the April/May issue of Air & Space magazine. WWII (1939-1945) saw various atrocious developments when it came to warfare set in a backdrop of mass destruction of humans due to their ethnicity, religious beliefs and even political loyalty. An estimate of between 5,000 and 23,000 deaths was reported after the terrible occurrence though the exact number is until know unknown as much of eastern Europe at that time was in total chaos. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. another German city, Darmstadt, suffered a series of bombing attacks during WWII, mainly in 1943 and 1944. These maps barely scrape the surface of what is possible with this dataset.

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and the pair of raids in Niger (1 RAF, 1 USAF) are all very curious. After the bombers attacked, the rallies and parades went on in Berlin. This said single raid on Osaka left 3,987 deaths while 678 individuals went missing. After the war is over I’m going to buy a British radio set—then at least I’ll own something that has always worked.”. THOR stands for Theater History of Operations Reports, and it’s a massive database published by the U.S. Defense Digital Service of all releasable U.S. air operations, including WWI, WWII, and the Korean and Vietnam wars. The city was a critical attack point for the Allied Forces because it was a chief port of the country, an industrial center plus it was the site of various major German shipyards as well as U-boat pens. The Germans held the raid as the prime example of RAF “terror bombing”. Under a massive eagle and swastika flanked by Nazi flags three stories tall, he addressed thousands assembled at the Schöneberg Sportpalast—Berlin’s biggest indoor sports and meeting venue. His navigator, Wright, was from Bedford, a 34-year-old member of the RAF Volunteer Reserve.