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Had two (2) sons, Rai Sukh Dayal (supposedly remote ancestor of Tiwanas, Noons etc) and Rai or Raja Jai Dayal (direct line), 7. The Ghebas are found mainly in the western portion of the Fateh Jang Tehsil of Attock District, where they occupy solid block of villages reaching to the Kala Chita on the north, to Fateh Jang and Sagar to the east, and almost to the Sil river in the south. 0000005792 00000 n

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)�q�!>6I�����v�Կ�1)2,^,�[̞�#��W�k�5�y��c�!���%s�|`��"gW��|ɼDΘ3�9GfA�-�-WfE6fC�9�9�9�9�9�Yh��Ah��Ah��Ah��Ah��Ah������� Horace Arthur Rose states in his glossary on tribes (page 68) that it is doubtful if the Alpials are of the same stock of Manj as those in Ludhiana and Jalandhar. The family of Malal is Bhandial, and the Manjia familyis Sihal. Such a view in different guises has been popularised by official histories, state’s narrative and school textbooks over the last seven decades. People here in their march have changed faith several times. Ibbetson, D states in his book Punjab Castes, that the Awans of Jalandhar claimed that their ancestors served in the armies of the Slave Dynasty and the Khilji dynasty during the Delhi Sultanate period, who brought them from the Salt-range. Traditionally, in Attock the population is Khattar, Awan or Chachi Pathan, with two Gujar villages. About the Khattars, I concentrated on the British district gazetteers.

The number of Dinka sub-divisions is hotly contested as the border or line between group, sub-division and sections is blurred and often difficult to determine. A revitalised IS using ungoverned Afghan soil as a base will become a regional and international security nightmare.

There we constitute a big family of Awans and Maliks (I don’t know the connection between the names Awan and Malik either). However, I must say that as far as most of the ‘foreign origin’ claims are concerned made by many tribes in Pakistan today, these are by and large fake and fabricated.

The two tribes that I will look at, namely the Gheba, and Khattar, all claim a non-Pashtun origin, either tracing Rajput ancestry or claiming a Mughal identity. Linkpendium matches 1 - 10 (out of about 40 total matching pages): Linkpendium's goal is to index every genealogy, geneology, :) family history,

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The Gheba are also found in the District of Attock, and claim to be Mughal.

DNA Project . endstream endobj 333 0 obj <> endobj 334 0 obj <>stream the older pedigrees I found , dating prior to 1920s, they used to list original Hindu names of ancestors but all the later and newly ‘manufactured’ post-1947 pedigrees claim full Arab descent of an Alivid line. 0000052358 00000 n

Later on some of them withdrew to neighbourhood of Salt Range. ”. Hello, an interesting article. THE political situation in the country is getting tenser by the day.

In fact, the tribe is often referred to the Rawal Mughals of Kot Fateh Khan, which is their most important village.

(I am unable to post images so posting results) I am J2A-M410 Those who fight it lose it.

Official histories assert that Pakistan came into being as a homeland for Indian Muslims who visualised a bleak future in a united India. As my father told me, our family Migrated from Lillah Saroba around 400 years ago at this place and named it again Saroba. The later years of Sikh rule are the period of Gheba rise first to complete independence, then to equality with the Jodhras. According to Sir Malcolm Darling, the Awans are the: Bravest of soldiers, toughest of cultivators and matchless as tent peggers —From ‘Wisdom and Waste in the Punjab Village . USE LINKPENDIUM'S FAMILY DISCOVERER TO SEARCH 2,804,127 FREE GENEALOGY SOURCES!

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A large number of Muslims from the East Punjab and Uttar Pradesh migrated to this new state in the wake of ghoulish communal bloodshed and massacre that followed the Partition. The Indus River flows along the western boundary of the district for about 130 Kilometres, dividing the district from the three bordering districts of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa. h�b```b``ef`e`��� Ā Bl@���qA@�C����G.��O9iG�^�50�2�08�F�e>��;��J|�i8�!>��T4�\V$�ϤF[�n�g]Q� �2ʼn?�E��m���Lj�ج4-�p� _װ8q٤�Z���"V_�R��} "(3o٩�;E&�N/��4D�ȋM3m!X������~�� K��sU�4�).�P[�y@���/@|���� fV Y ����k(��

Legend has it that their origins go back to Imam Ali and his second wife, Hanafiya.

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Most commonly around 2 or 3 % Central Asian genes close to or aligned to Tajiks and such tribes/races, probably people who came in centuries earlier and intermarried locally; and around 1-2% of Melanasian orgins. Which group do they trace their history back to? In one of these traditions, Gheba is simply a nickname applied to them because they live in the Gheb, the region around the town of Pindigheb.

But let me investigate further, Sorry could’nt get back to you on this.

Thanks from all of us at Up to1825 they certainly occupied a position subordinate to the Jodhras of Pindigheb, who were responsible for the revenue of the Gheb. They were all Sikhs and Hindus. But it’s half-truth. Any help will be appreciated.

[4] Some of them withdrew to North and settled and founded a town Talagang. The real problem is not history but ideology that makes tribes and castes see benefits in alienation from the soil that sustains them. 21.

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I can see from your comments that you not only have a lot of information on this topic but also out a scientific effort to separate truth from speculations. (I am unable to post images so posting results) I am J2A-M410 I hope that people here will now start to behave more sensibly about their genetic origins and discard all those fake pedigrees made up and concocted by ancestors with psychological complexes.

Qutb Shah’s sons are said to have settled in the mountains in the centre of what is now Soon Valley and Sakesar. Balban killed them, however some Gondals managed to escape alongwith Baba Farid ud Diin Shakar Ganj.They stayed at Pakpattan for sometime, later migrated to Mandi Baha ud Din area. Consequentially, socially dominant Muslim tribes such as the Gakkhars, Janjuas and Awans, and a few Rajput tribes, concentrated in the Rawalpindi and Jhelum districts in the northern Salt Range tract in the Punjab, accounted for more than ninety per cent of Punjabi Muslim recruits, —From ‘The Garrison State: The Military, Government and Society in Colonial Punjab, 1849-1947, The Awan Tribe is perhaps the most heavily recruited tribe for the Pakistan Army, —From ‘The Pakistan People’s Party: Rise To Power.

Their main villages in Attock District include Dhrek, Bahtar, Bhagowi, Kot Shadi, Thatha , Kutbal and Pind Sultan. startxref

322 0 obj <> endobj Good. Kamil Khan and Ghazi Khan; and from Kamil Khan: 23. They themselves claim a Mughal origin. genealogically-related site on the Internet. Fatteh Khan had started off as owning 13 entire villages, about two-thirds of eight other hereditary villages, and in addition shares in several other villages, which he bought or in other ways acquired.

They own twenty nine villages in Attock Tehsil, forty-three in Fateh Jang Tehsil, and a fair number in Pindigheb Tehsil.

CIA was told to prevent the Chilean’s president’s accession. In 2016 we sent around 24 select samples for testing to one of the world’s largest DNA testing (autosomnal/mithocondrial ) that can trace back all ethnic origins up to 80% accuracy. Meds means Meo and Zatts means Jats.The word Meds converted into word mand and Mandi.Later became word Manj or Manji.

Don't know if any other Awan has been tested or have similar Y-Haplogroup. Our tribe name is Awan. 0000156975 00000 n

According to the author of the 1907 Attock Gazetteer, the Gheba are really a branch of the Jodhra tribe who quarrelled with the others, and took the name Gheba, which till then had been simply a title used in the tribe. 2.

Khattar Besides, being patronised by the court they were among the recipients of royal largesse. “Report on the Races and Tribes of the Attock and Rawalpindi Districts”, (1868).

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Historians describe them as valiant warriors and farmers who imposed their supremacy on the Janjua in part of the Salt Range and established large colonies all along the Indus to Sind, and a densely populated center not far from Lahore. Historians describe them as valiant warriors and farmers who imposed their supremacy on the Janjua in part of the Salt Range, and established large colonies all along the Indus to Sind, and a densely populated centre not far from Lahore, —From ‘ A History of Pakistan and Its Origins, They are exclusively Muslim and probably the descendants of some of the earlier Muslim invaders of the tenth century or earlier, —From ‘Caste in India: Its Nature, Function and Origins, http://naushera.wordpress.com/the-tribe-of-naushera/, Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites. [5] They were listed as an "agricultural tribe" by the British Raj in 1925, a term that was then synonymous with classification as a "martial race". 0000003035 00000 n

It is stated in the Imperial Gazetteer of India that “They are essentially a tribe of the Salt Range, where they once held independent possessions of very considerable extent, and in the western and central portions of which they are still the dominant race.”[2] While writing about the Chiefs of Punjab, Sir Lepel Henry Griffin states in his book entitled, “The Panjab Chiefs:[3] the most authentic book on the subject that; “All branches of the tribe (Awans) are unanimous in stating that they originally came from neighourhood of Ghazni to India, and all trace their genealogy to Hasrat Ali the son-in-law of the Prophet. US elections: What’s at stake for Pakistan’s economy? h�bb�b`b``Ń3� ����70 F| Thank you so much for such a focused and remarkable effort. It’s understandable because it’s a desperate attempt to break the stranglehold of caste hierarchy that places them at the lower rung of the social ladder.

I suspect that the Qutab Shah story is just that a story. Additional Results from Linkpendium's Family Discoverer Search Engine.