MSEC is the foremost annual forum for the scholarly exchange of advanced manufacturing research knowledge. MSEC, in conjunction with NAMRC, typically includes more than 80 students (from U.S. institutions) who are presenting their research and looking for career opportunities. MSEC is the place to learn about the latest manufacturing research, talk with the researchers pushing the frontiers, network with R&D experts, and meet the future R&D workforce. Events in America cannot make reservations or accept payment for services offered by the event. This year the conference will be hosted by the University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio on June 22 – June 26, 2020, in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. At Mohegan Sun we have built an industry-leading COVID-19 Resource Center,  with a combination of pictures from recent successful events held since our reopening on June 1st,  along with several easy to share,  downloadable documents such as our Operati, ASME 2020 Manufacturing Science and Engineering Conference - MSEC, ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Create Event/Venue/Organizer/Vendor/Account, Informa Markets Taps Nancy Walsh to Lead North America; Rick McConnell, Fred Linder Stepping Down, Miami Beach Convention Center Holds First Meeting Since Pandemic, Once Again Open to Visitors, Hawaii Prepares for the Return of Meetings and Events, Louisville Hosts Hybrid Event for Planners to Highlight Capabilities, Safety Measures. and Engineering Conference, Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, ~/Events/media/library/images/MSEC/MSEC-2019_Icon_200x200.jpg?ext=.jpg, NSF Manufacturing Blue Sky Competition Selection Committee.

The Manufacturing Engineering Division of ASME is celebrating its Centennial in 2020. And, SME has been supporting the manufacturing industry for the last 85 years. ASME has prepared the MSEC and LEMP 2020 online papers for distribution. Safety Standard for Thermal Energy Storage Systems; Molten Salt (ASME TES-1-2020) About ASME Conference Publications and Proceedings . This year the conference will be hosted virtually by the University of Cincinnati on June 21 – June 25, 2021, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. It is intended to disseminate the most recent developments in manufacturing research through technical presentations, poster sessions, and panel sessions. North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC), MSEC 2021 - ASME Manufacturing Science & Engineering Conference, MSEC 2020 - ASME Manufacturing Science & Engineering Conference, MSEC 2019 - ASME Manufacturing Science & Engineering Conference, MSEC 2018 - ASME Manufacturing Science & Engineering Conference, Annual 2020 Arts Humanities Social Science & Education Conference, International Congress on Catalysis and Chemical Science Conference 2020, 3rd National Conference for Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools, TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition 2020 - The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.